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Liston Baylor

CEO of the Baylor Companies

Potomac, MD, USA


Lawrence Liston Baylor is an avid chess player, supporter of the arts and bright young minds, seasoned real estate investor, and consultant, equestrian, and a student of life. He began his matriculation at Norfolk State University beginning in 1984. Mr Baylor launched Concord Courier Services, Inc in 1987, and within a year he was the largest courier service in the entire Tidewater, Virginia area. In 1989 he relocated back to his hometown of Washington DC and founded Concord Movers. He operated Concord Movers for 15 years before selling the business. He later founded and is currently the Managing Director of the Washington, DC based real estate investment firm the Baylor Real Estate Companies. Mr. Baylor is an investor who allocates capital to create, acquire and develop real estate for the purpose of converting into lucrative investment opportunities. His holdings are vast and span most of the Mid-Atlantic seaboard, with the exception of Maine, Massachusetts, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Mr. Baylor is a positive role model and readily shares his leadership skills with the community. He is also the Head of Business Development at New Hope Church in Washington, DC.


  • Norfolk State University

    Bachelor of Science, Business

    1981 - Present


    Diploma, Diploma

    1979 - Present