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Natalia S.

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Hello! I encourage prospective students to schedule a free consultation before booking one of my tutoring sessions. Thank you, Natalia.

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About Natalia S.

Hi! I'm currently a first year STEM student at the University of California, Berkeley and I'm excited that you have considered me to be your tutor! In high school, I remember late nights where I stayed up staring at problems or continuously watched YouTube videos trying to grasp a concept, wishing I had some sort of mentor. Whether you need help cramming for a Chemistry Final or a second pair of eyes for your college essays, I will be able to assist. My strategy in tutoring is providing supplemental resources for my mentees, including copies of my notes, helpful formula packets, or a playlists of extra education videos to watch. I believe these resources, combined with my expertise and upbeat energy, will lead to success in your classes and beyond!

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