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Thomas (Trey) W.

Private Equity Vice President @ GEF Capital Partners | MIT Sloan MBA

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I am happy to help out with any of the following topics: Transitioning into private equity with a non-traditional background Information regarding what a career in finance looks like and determining if it is the right career path for you Creating resumes that jump off the page Finance interview prep Career advice / Networking Please send a meeting invitation or telephone number in advance of a call.


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About Thomas (Trey) W.

As a Vice President at GEF Capital Partners, I leverage my MBA and mechanical engineering background to lead and support investments in renewable energy and sustainability sectors. I have over four years of experience in sourcing, evaluating, executing, and monitoring deals in oil and gas, geothermal, solar, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and sustainable investing. My core competencies include financial modeling, due diligence, market research, valuation, and fundraising. I have independently created and presented investment memorandums, term sheets, and pitch materials for potential and existing portfolio companies. I have also pro-actively developed relationships with founders, CEOs, and investment bankers to identify new opportunities and trends. I am passionate about driving positive environmental and social impact through my work.


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