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BLK Capital Management

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♣ BLK Capital Management, LLC is a 100% black owned and student run hedge fund that focuses on educating our members by exposing them to the field of active investment management. We are a long/short equity fund that employs our capital across the globe delivering absolute returns seeking to outperform industry standards. ♣ BLK Capital actively recruits and selects intelligent and motivated students from the Ivy League, MIT, and Stanford to craft a small team of elite investors. As a prerequisite for selection, each member must go through a three-round, case-study interview process that highlights their passion for knowledge and ability to display leadership capabilities. ♣ On the long side, we teach and believe in a bottom-up, fundamental analysis value philosophy. We seek to gain a competitive advantage through focusing on small cap companies with less analyst coverage and more opportunities for deep mispricing with a significant margin of safety. ♣ On the short side, we look to take a contrarian position and look for companies that meet several of our specific requirements: - Significant exposure to technological obsolescence - High amounts of debt and risk of default - Hard catalyst that will occur within 12 months of our initial investment - Accounting fraud or significant deception in accounting techniques With these disciplines, we hope to find investments with a favorable risk/reward profile so that we may preserve our capital and diversify our portfolio. Our short positions never make up more than 1-2% of our portfolio and no position makes up more than 7-8% of the fund. Our members are divided into industry sectors and become experts through focusing on industry trends and the underlying business models within their sector.


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