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Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023

Women in Venture Capital: Roles in VC, What you Need to Know, and How to Break In

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Michelle V.

founder | venture partner | featured in Forbes, WSJ & CBS News

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Wed, September 20, 2023
6:00 PM - 6:40 PM


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40 minutes

My name is Michelle I worked in sales & marketing at The Daily Beast, Digitas, NBC, ABC & AOL in New York City. I started as an assistant working for Tina Brown, and six months later was leading the sales team. A couple of years later, I was the youngest ad sales executive at NBCUniversal.

After working in corporate sales for over a decade, I wanted to work with founders to build their teams, and founded Giledan Search, a recruiting company.

I live in Greenwich, Connecticut with my family, and I am an avid angel investor and venture partner at Purpose Built Ventures.


In this live event, I will interview Aureila Flores and Phoung Ireland, about women in venture capital, including how to break into the industry, excel in the field, and shift the paradigm.

Aurelia is an Investment Director at Virginia Venture Partners, ranked among the nation's top seed investors. Previously a Venture Partner at New Markets Venture Partners, she co-founded Citrine Angels, an angel group investing in women with 5 funded companies and a portfolio raising over $190MM. She graduated from Stanford Law School and Colorado College.

Phuong is a Partner at Interplay, a startup ecosystem where she leads the Incubator and works with high potential, early stage companies across all sectors to help them level up their operations and scale. Prior to that, she was Co-Founder and CEO of Wknd Nation, an investor-backed fashion brand. Phuong is a graduate of Duke University and Columbia Business School.


The topics covered will include:


(1) What are different ways to break into venture capital?


(2) What are steps you can take to break into the field?


(3) What is it like to be one of the few women in VC?


(4) What to do in college, high school, and post-grad to help the transition into VC?

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