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Abby H.

Duke Student and Founder

Durham, NC, USA
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Amina I.

Bachelor’s student at Columbia University

New York, NY, USA
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Annie X.

Undergraduate Student at the University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Ashley H.

Student At Harvard University

Cambridge, MA, USA
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Chad P.

CS and Mathematics Student at Yale University

New Haven, CT, USA
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Charlotte N.

The Happiest Student at Harvard

Boston, MA, USA
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Colby R.

Civil Engineering Student at University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Charlotte, NC, USA
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Daija Y.

Student of Political Science and Anthropology

New Orleans, LA, USA
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Dilara O.

Engineering and Pre-Med Student at Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Dylan F.

Business and Spanish Student, Scholarship Recipient for leadership work in DEI

Seville, Spain